Competitor Information

Competitors are required to nominate by completing the following online form unless otherwise stipulated by the event organisers.

$100 nomination fee (includes driver entry), pay at gate on arrival at venue.

Competitors are also required to notify any withdrawal from a meeting prior to the event. To withdraw after nominations have closed please contact Promotions Manager, Jason Bloxsidge on 0459 117 136.

All nominations received will be update every few days on the event page. If your name does not appear on the event page for the nominated meeting please contact Jason Bloxsidge on as it means your nomination has not been received.

All meetings are held in accordance with the current racing rules and regulations, and by entering a meeting competitors agree to comply with these rules and any supplementary regulations, by-laws and instructions.

Forms/ Rulebooks Available To Download

Track Regulations (click to download)

‚ÄčDemo Derby Specs and Entry Rules

Avon Valley Speedway Online Nomination Form

Avon Valley Speedway Promotion Team reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination.

Nominations close at 5pm on the Sunday prior to the race meeting unless otherwise stated below. All late nominations recieve ROF for Heats

Please Note:

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